Project 05

For We the People project, I really tried to improve from project 3. I like organizing type in a way that makes sense but sometimes, that way seems a little boring. So I tried to do different things with it while still being able to create a hierarchy of things. My biggest worries during this regard hierarchy and negative space. Am I shaping the negative space in a way that looks eloquent?

My initial comps are quite boring and I didn’t really think outside the box on the We the People part. I wish I did! I was too worried about everything making sense.


I was a little more focused on making things look unilateral rather than different… and oh no, the text is all justified!

For my next round of comps, I integrated ‘We the People of the United States’ more with the actual body copy. I thought the way I wrote people, with a new ‘p’, while it is difficult to work with, allowed me for pointing at things, almost like a sign. Afterwards I didn’t do many sketches, as I thought I had an easier time working with the type on the computer screen. (Also, WordPress keeps changing the orientation of this image, sorry!)

Here are my new comps. The type was inspired by the actual constitution and the sharp angle at which James Madison did his strokes.