Proj 04 (11/20/16)

Updated final versions of my comps. Attempted to fix irregular heavy blue spacing on the top right corner of the page and made the quote seem to fit in more. The colors kind of clash here but the print versions come out nicely. Two versions of the cover, one italicized, one not italicized.





Proj 04 (11/16/16)

New round of progress comps. Started playing around with typesize for the dates, and overlap. Not quite sure how to treat the overlaps, but I figure ’16 is a big enough block of red that the white type over works out.

Envelope Images:


Project 04 (11/09/16)

This is the worst week! My girl lost the election. 😦 Here’s a new round of comps.

I am still trying to play with the timeline. I looked at and really loved their infomation graphics. I thought the linework was really relevant to what I’m trying to accomplish. I think the ability to add so many pieces of information into one coherent informational graphic is really incredible. Maybe something to play around with.

I think it’s a little harder to translate those into such a small space on the mailer. I’ll keep playing with it, but for now I’m opting for some typography work with the years.

Project 04 (10/20/16)

For this project, I would like to focus on Women’s rights and opportunities for the mailer. I am a die-hard Hillary Clinton support, and probably always will be, so this project actually means a lot to me (which also makes it very intimidating). For my initial research in terms of design, I looked at already existing Hillary Mailers


As for information regarding women’s rights about Hillary, here are just some of the sites I used. There is a LOT of information regarding women’s opportunity and Hillary, after all, she is a woman. She’s spent her political lifetime advocating for most women’s rights (sometimes unintentionally) and education reform. I think she’s incredibly inspiring. My sister is an attorney at a large NYC law firm with many privileged white men, she works twice as hard and does much better work yet she gets the same or less praise than her co-attorneys. There is a systemic problem in society that I do not think many people understand if you haven’t been in that environment or know of it.

Which is what makes Hillary so incredible to me. She walks around as though she has the same privilege as a white man and has a track record to show for it. She graduated from Yale Law as one of the very, very few females in a 235 person class. She knows and addresses the ever-present gender bias among lawyers and continues to hammer her thoughts on the rights of women. I’d like to focus on her accomplishments and how hard it is to become the powerful woman she is today.

She Wins, We Win


Self: How Hillary Clinton has Paved the Way for Women’s Rights




Comps Version 01

Im trying to explore a timeline of women’s rights on the inside pages. I’m not entirely sure how it’s playing out right now and struggling to include so many years.