Proj 02 (Re-Do)

Here are the comps for project 2’s redo assignment. I had a hard time with this project as I’m struggling to craft negative space in an elegant manner. I also have a hard time doing thumbnails for these projects… For project 3’s redo, I tried to make smaller thumbnails.



Proj 02 (10/19/16)

Project 2: For the next round of comps for Project 02, I used the golden 66 characters per line rule. I thought the rags came out magically aligned, which I was astonished with, wow! I would like to play around with line width more but it is a little difficult to understand the picas, etc. It will take some practice.

I toned down a lot of the big type for this round and stuck to the knowledge I hold with body type. It didn’t seem right breaking up the type so much, so I broke up the titles and sections. I still think they need work, of course, but I generally like the direction I’m heading in.



Project 02 (10/11/16)

This first round of Project 2, I tried to be a little more adventurous with what I was doing. I think I went a little too crazy but I just wanted to try things out. I am not used to breaking up body text so it was difficult to do this and it felt wrong! But sticking with the grid, I placed things so they at least made some semblance of sense.