Project 01: Calligraphy

I felt these were the strongest in my Calligraphy Cahier. I enjoyed writing every letter form and really took my time learning how to create lines, edges, shapes I enjoyed within the forms. I felt as the semester progressed, my line thickness really improved. I felt more comfortable barely holding onto the pen to get really thin lines.

With “We the People”, I tried many different ways to display it. Ultimately, I started with a new lowercase p form, which I practiced incessantly.


Project 01 (10/20/16 WPE)

I feel like I have been improving slightly on my stability and line weight. I’ve finally figured out how I like doing upright italics (zero slant, straight up)! I find them to be more fun to write and have an interesting take-away. I still think I am struggling on holding my pen lightly. I have a shaky hand so holding it where it’s barely touching the paper, is a bit difficult.

I started on capital letters, which are fairly easy. Stability with the straight lines is difficult, but I try to improve them on each letter.