From Here to There Final

Here is the finalized version of my FHtH project. It is a combination of Google’s colors.

After doing several layouts without a white background, I opted out for the color background. The white seems easier to read so I used that instead.


From Here to There: Mockups

I am really struggling with my mockups. I’ve tried a number of layouts, mostly using solid color and black and white imagery. I really enjoy how the images look against the solid colors however, I think it’s TOO MUCH solid color. Here are my mockups so far:

I am not really fond of these and I will try adding some white space into the book. I think it’s hard to use Google’s colors as solid backgrounds throughout the book, especially with the yellow. I think using the colors as a main feature for an intro page would be nice so I might try that.

From Here to There: Google Research (design)

For my Google booklet, I want to start with a square. I’ve started looking through research already for the book. The obvious place I started is Google’s design website! They have a lot of resources about the brand and how their colors work with each other. I went through the blog and found all of their hex colors and print materials. Here’s a look at their website. Rest assured, I know so much about Google now. Click the next arrow to browse through.

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Google offers a variety of options for their brand. I didn’t use their typeface, Product Sans, but I did pay attention to their specimen booklets. Google has a specific style to their type, I wanted to try my hand at a version of it.

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Event Poster: Progress + Mock-Ups

Idea: My idea for the event poster is for a donut festival. I really wanted to do one of my projects on food and who doesn’t love donuts? After doing some research, Donut Fest is an actual event, however, the style of which the event is handled is very different from the poster I made. I wanted more pop art and able to really catch someone’s attention easily.

I created my own typeface for this poster. Donut! It’s a geometric typeface with glaze! The image on the right, initially, I was going to do a video game poster. This poster would have featured several video game characters all interacting with one another. I ultimately scrapped the idea after not having real motivation for it. The donuts drew me in.

Progress & Preliminaries:

Final Versions:

Text + Image Booklet Mockups & Research

For my text and image booklet, I wanted something striking and able to pull the viewer’s attention. I created a bright yellow highlight, maybe too bright, to achieve this affect.

For this project, I used the same research from my text booklet. The imagery chosen is from a number of sites, mostly libraries. I tried out a few layouts.

I liked the use of BIG images next to the text. I think it worked really well. I ended up changing my booklet into a single column book after seeing the two columns be too tiny.



Here is the most up-to-date version of my text and image booklet. I will post a segment of the layout.

Speech Booklet: Text Final

Here is the final version of my text booklet. I think they displayed my ideas very well however, I do think it lacks some creativity. I tried to make everything strong enough while still being able to blend in.

I think the alignment of text plays a huge part in my book. It ties everything together, allowing the black of the introduction to stand alone but still introduce the next speech.

Speech Booklet: Text Preliminaries

For my text booklet, as I have mentioned before, I want the look to be BOLD. I had a hard time doing that in my earlier designs but settled on using deep black and white. I think the contrast is really startling and will help my design make it’s point. Below are a few thumbnails I did for the layout. The layouts without black and white are the initial concepts.

Here are some of the updates/changes the layout has gone through: