From Here to There Final

Here is the finalized version of my FHtH project. It is a combination of Google’s colors.

After doing several layouts without a white background, I opted out for the color background. The white seems easier to read so I used that instead.



These videos HAVE SOUND.

Final Version:

My Tron Minim uses sounds from both, left and right channels to rotate and expand the box. The blue inner box’s rotate is mapped to the left channel while the green is mapped to the right. For the background, I used an image and then added a filter to the same image. The initial image stays there, while the filtered image plays on top. The filtered image is mapped to the right channel.

The outer box is made so it changes color if it exceeds a certain size.

First Round:

My first minim focused on a beach theme. I was going to make the image mask move about the screen but changed to the Tron version.

5/09 Final Application

For my updated application, I made the type even bigger. I focused on small design functions that needed tweaking, like arrow size and header size. For Street Eats, I really wanted to accomplish an easy navigation. I think I learned a lot about type sizes on the app screens, I think so of my screens can still be a little bigger too. Overall, I think the decisions I made throughout really enhanced the user’s experience. I made the home screen basic functions rather than buttons.



The application itself, is made up of around 7 screens with different options for drop down and expenditure. This application’s interactivity is between the navigation and the user. I tried to make the navigation very easy to use and easily readable. The poster itself is aimed at the type of crowd that enjoys exploring the city.


The user flow looks confusing but it is really VERY easy. Everything leads back to Write a Review and builds up to writing a review.


The flow of the app allows the user to browse the site but still maintain the ability to write a review. Depending on where you are, you can browse trucks or other people’s profile.

04.27 Application Comps

For this round of renditions of my application, I needed to narrow down a lot of the navigation as well as make things larger. For my navigation, I¬†completely got rid of my old navigation. I’ve integrated the nearby page into the search function of the front page

I’ve also had to narrow down my topic entirely and make reviews the prominent goal of my application. The main focus is the ability to review and read reviews easily. Access to reviews should only be a finger touch away.

I’ve also worked on my flowchart a few times. I want the accessibility to be the most enthralling part of my app.


From Here to There: Mockups

I am really struggling with my mockups. I’ve tried a number of layouts, mostly using solid color and black and white imagery. I really enjoy how the images look against the solid colors however, I think it’s TOO MUCH solid color. Here are my mockups so far:

I am not really fond of these and I will try adding some white space into the book. I think it’s hard to use Google’s colors as solid backgrounds throughout the book, especially with the yellow. I think using the colors as a main feature for an intro page would be nice so I might try that.

04/21 Updated Mock-Ups

Here are some updated sketches of working through the application. Throughout the sketches, I’m trying to really incorporate ideas from Yelp and Zomato without having the same product. I’ve also decided on the name appetite, a Mobile Truck review app.

Some of my pages so far. I’m working out the navigation of the Home screen currently and rearranging my grid. I still have to distinguish the menu items (hamburger) and settings icon. Updated workflows/sketches: