Project 02: My Collection (Final)

For my final on Project 2, I leave feeling satisfied but also like I can do so much more with it. The pull tabs is something I want to explore further and think I can do some really amazing ones now that I know the dynamics of them.



My Collection (11/20/16)

I actually fell into a bit of a slump after my cutouts. I had a hard time putting the notes in, in a way that seemed fun for the viewer. I wanted them to come across as sort of sketchbooky, but also did not seem that way at all. It was really difficult and attempted to several times but nothing worked. I also tried illustrating parts of it and they didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the book, or I would have had to cut out characters for many pages, not really being sure if they would fit or not. The cutting takes a long time so I wanted to be sure if I were to cut anything that needed multiple pages.

I opted for sketching more until I came across something I thought would work. I got really overwhelmed by how many pages of notebooks there were and did not know how to manage so many.

After looking on the internet for things that could inspire me, I found Print Magazine’s winners from the regional design annual. I came across this:

I thought this was an amazing idea and just what i needed to lessen the amount of pages within my book… by placing multiple pages on one page in a way that’s hidden. What I quickly figured out is, this is incredibly difficult.

I did research into how pull tabs work and when and where they stop, how they’re done and different types of pull tabs. The book pretty much had to account for a lot of open space to let other pages hide. I wish I had figured this out earlier because with more time, I think creating a full pull-tab book would have been possible and I would not have made it so small.

I tested the pages out several times using scrap paper, but the tabs were still difficult to manage. I had to account for 1/8 of an inch for tabs (which, at first, i wanted to do a four panel pull tab) both going in and exiting so the pages wouldn’t snag.

I worked out some of the tabs in my sketches from above however, sketching and doing are completely different things.

My Collection (11/02/16)

I ended up doing a lot of work this night. I created a typeface for the titles of this book, based on my own handwriting. I thought if I created it by hand, it would be more relatable to the notebooks. So my first area of attack was to tackle the typeface before I tackled the actual paper cutting techniques.

The pictures below showcase my process for the actual cutting out of images. After writing out a majority of the letters, I scanned the images into my flash drive. I then converted the files into illustrator vector files, but I made the huge mistake of diagonal line shading. It made it hard to convert the letters to crisp vectors. I figured I would be cutting out the letters anyway, and the cut lines would be more crisp, so I did not worry too much about the jaggedness of the type vectors.

To create the type on the drawing, I would print the type to scale and tape it over my piece and then cut. It allowed me to place the type in relatively the same place in all the cut paper pieces.


Here are more photos of the paper cutting process.

The green and yellow guy was one of the first comps I did where I did not enjoy it at all. It looked hilarious but I just did not like how the colors and paper interacted with one another. I scrapped it (as you can see his head in the last picture), but I tried again with different paper combinations. I think the second attempt of him was better and allowed me to do more at a higher quality.

My Collection (10/19/16)

This is the start of research for my collection. Honestly, I am a little lost on where to begin for this type of collection. After looking at my notebooks thoroughly, I decided a good place to start would be actually looking up what friendship is.

Because of the nature of this project, even though the notebooks are super hilarious, my friendship with her was not as hilarious in the end. It brought back a lot of feelings of nostalgia and sadness. Here are a few articles I read, I highlighted the parts that stood out.

Source 1


Source 2

After that, I tried thinking of different things I could do for the book. Construction paper… marker… I decided, paper crafts would be a nice place to start. So the initial artist I looked up, was of course, Kara Walker. Her pieces are just a bit too serious for this though, but it was a good place to start in search of categories. I looked up cut paper, cut paper illustrations, and looked at several books on artists who have done the style of cut paper I’m interested in.



This was one of the first books I came across. It’s a collection of cut paper pieces by several artists. Some of them are really intense and would probably take a lot of practice to come to fruition but some of them were really simple and spoke to the style of my notebooks. Some things to note, It made me realize to not rule out anything else in regards to paper crafts. I thought the idea of cutting out things, as well as raising items, is a really interesting thing to play with. Having cuts in the paper to see what’s behind it is really interesting.


The author of this book, Owen Glidersleeve, in particular, is very aquainted with the craft himself. He had a lot of beautifully pieced together pieces.



And Maelle Doliveux who did that amazing bible relief.

My Collection (10/11/16)


My collection is something a little personal to me, I guess. I have a lot of feelings about the person which this collection shared with; she caused a lot of pain in her wake and I think what bothers me the most is she didn’t care to look back. I’m going to try and make a long friendship short but still try and show how messed up it was.

A few years back, my family and I moved from one town to another in NJ. This took place right before entering high school. Like most teenagers with a group of close friends, I was very against the move. But that didn’t matter in the end. We moved.

And that was when I met the best and worst friend I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I say pleasure now because she taught me a lot about myself; things I liked and things I really hated about myself. She approached me, we both liked anime, were both stuck in this microcosm of a school, and quickly became best friends.

The first few years of our friendship, they were amazing. We had so many laughs, we cried together, we were like sisters and could always sense if something was wrong with one another. When I look back on our friendship, this is what makes me so incredibly sad. We had a really great, pure friendship. We weren’t bad kids, we were actually really great kids. We didn’t do drugs, we didn’t go to parties. We hung out in her parent’s basement, played video games on a huge projector, card games, board games, all kinds of fun things with her and a few others. We went on adventures, played frisbee, tried new foods from different cultures. We made promises to each other that we thought we would keep. We thought we would be there for each other in the long run.

We were both really goofy kids. She was a bit more outgoing than myself but that didn’t stop us from being awesome friends. We hung out every day. She had two dogs, one of which she took care of way more than the other. I remember that a lot. I always felt bad for the other pup left alone in his cage.


Things started taking a turn a few years into our friendship. She started becoming sick. She would never tell me what was wrong. But she always made it a point to tell me how much pain she was in and how she suffered. Maybe I didn’t realize the severity of her sickness… It made me frustrated that she wouldn’t tell me what’s wrong with her. I didn’t feel like the close friend I thought I was anymore and she still refused to tell me. When I look back on this, I feel I really was a bad friend. Maybe I didn’t help her enough or I just didn’t do enough given what I knew. I was a bad friend. I’m sure the end of our friendship was caused by bad friendship on both ends.

She stopped coming to school because of it. She had to be home schooled. During this time, we still spoke and hung out a lot but something was different. She turned to religion, I turned to my friends and family. She became more and more religious, putting her friends down quite often when it came to moral decisions like abstinence, purity, etc. People were hurt by her words and I couldn’t stand by this person that I thought I knew. I have my own morals but I would never judge or exile someone because of personal decisions. I could not see eye-to-eye with her on this and she was so adamant about it, she couldn’t be convinced otherwise.

I don’t blame religion for this at all; I blame the person. I didn’t like change, so breaking away was slow, painful, and full of moral brainwashing.

It was difficult to watch the amount of change occurring. Someone who was once open to all kinds of people, suddenly became this beacon of hatred unknowingly. A complete 180.

My second year of college, I cut ties with her. I found her ideas were getting under my skin. They were ruining me, making me think I was never good enough at anything I did. I spent so much time reaching for made-up BS morals, I never aimed high enough and it ate at me like a parasite. It wasn’t good for my health. It wasn’t good for people around me; I was a negative person who didn’t give anyone a chance, even myself. It was really depressing. Eventually, she had unfriended all of our once close friends. Everyone except me. It ate away at me… I unfriended her before she could unfriend me. It sent me into crippling depression for nearly 2 years, the worst years of my life.

Being friends with her taught me a lot about people though. And about myself. Two years after cutting ties, I felt like I had rid myself of old skin. After the depression, all I wanted to do was improve myself for me, not for others.

My collection is based on happier times. It is a set of notebooks we shared with one another before the beginning of the end. I have way more of her notebooks, she has more of mine. I never managed to throw them out regardless of how many times I’ve thought about it. Despite how terrible of a friend she ended up being, we did have a lot of fun. My collection of notebooks are actually hilarious and funny. I hope I can find that kind of friendship again in my lifetime but I am okay with it being a memory as well. People change and move on and that’s just how life is.

Below are a few snippets from the notebooks. Things I find the most hilarious.