Unused/Unfinished Projects

These are projects (with sketches) I started to revamp before calling it quits on them (for now).

Abduct Display Typeface

Abduct is a typeface based on my alien project. It was going to be displayed in a book with illustration. The illustrations being based off of popular alien abduction cases and the stories that surround them. I put the project on hiatus  because the illustrations were not coming out how I envisioned.

Original & Sketches:


8 For 8 International Women’s Day Project

This project just did not work in terms of color production, layout. I tried to revamp into women in tech, something really important to me, but did not work in this layout. Not sure I will ever revisit this project.


Project 07: Sector Four

Sector Four is a fake book telling the story of a cyborg who escapes the big city. I designed the book cover for it in Graphic Design I and has always been one of my favorite projects. I used references from propaganda posters and art deco to create the original book cover:


I think the cover went through about 5 different versions before I finally told myself to STOP changing it. It went through an entire art deco phase as well (gold foil and everything). The first comp below of the woman was going to be a cut-out version of the cover. It did not work and look appropriate though.


The project took a darker turn for the final because I felt it needed that. Originally, I loved the use of main colors to draw attention but I thought it could probably turn in a new direction that portrayed the tone of the story. I brought in art deco by looking at art deco architecture from houses to skyscrapers and used it to create balance between the background and the foreground. I worried too much about the middle-ground and type at first, so I grabbed it by the horns, threw out a middle-ground and simplified the type to not battle the imagery.

Project 06: Female Superheroes

Female Superheroes is a motion graphics piece based on a TED Talk by Christopher Bell. While it may not look like much, it packs a punch (pun intended). It uses DUIK, a character rigging plugin for after effects, that allowed me to control a character in the scene. In this case, it tells the story of a girl who is underestimated but makes a comeback.

The process work focuses on color and concept.


Process video:



Project 05: PCU

Originally, PCU was an information app on how to build a PC. It walks the user through the pieces of each part of a computer. It went through several different concept designs: Website, VR, & application. However, the website was too large scale as a rework (it would have been a rework of NEWEGG.com).





VR Version: The VR version was canned after critique for not making much sense being VR and being too wordy. The concept was supposed to be a simple, cool learning experience in VR for building a computer, not something someone follows intensively. It was made for Google Cardboard, nothing intensive (I’m actually really sad I canned this). While I know it was wordy, there were things I could have expanded on had I not canned it. I made it in Unity using Google Cardboard dynamics with the concepts drawn up in Photoshop. Here are the concepts from PS (the Unity version looks almost identical, save a few stroke lines that I needed to work out). I don’t have a MAC laptop needed to export to my iphone. I think if I had continued this and fixed the wordiness, etc, it would have came out really well but I was too unsure at that point to continue.

I had to pull out all stops from my interactive coding class as well as learn Unity to create this. The icons and background move slowly/rotate, while the reticle reacts to the viewers gaze (as the screen says).

Final Screens:

I pulled the concept/visuals from the VR app and brought the piece back to being a learning application. I don’t think this project was as successful as I was hoping but it worked out.


Project 04: DonutFest Poster Series and UNUSED Based App

DonutFest, originally one poster, was made for Brooklyn’s DonutFest. I originally had a lot of progress for this but didn’t finish the app based project purposefully. The app that stemmed from donut fest was a campus eatery application, allowing college kids to meet up with one another to grab food. It was for new students. It sounds like two different projects, but this is where I wanted to go with DonutFest, instead of it just being a set of posters for a summer food event (which is what it ended up being).





The app concepts (UNUSED):


I stopped doing the app when I realized there are already campus-based apps like it. Here are the wireframes for it. The name of the app was still TBD.

These aren’t design wireframes. As wireframes, all they do is say where each screen goes.


Project 03: Eat Street

Eat Street went through a TON of revisions, aesthetically and functionality-wise. It went through several names as well before settling on Eat St., then Eat Street (because having a ‘.’ in an app name does not work and the shorthand ‘st’ looks strange).

To see my basis work for the app, see my web design posts.


New sketches for the app:


Rework 01:

In this re-work, I focused on ease of functionality. I added features that made the app easier and were more appealing to the eye. I made sure that the user could sort things easily and effectively, just like in Yelp, Open Table, and Zomato. I also did not want the features to come across as too much so I narrowed everything down. In our critique, however, I think people got overwhelmed by how many screens there were, which was really frustrating. The screens I showed were pulldowns and menus from an existing screen (the search screen). I should have displayed it in a video to appear less overwhelming. In lieu of the situation, I got rid of some of the search functionality (which I will probably bring back later on because I regret taking them out). Below, I also featured working with different color possibilities for the search function.

Not all of the screens are reworked here, just the search function and nearby.


Rework 02:

Working with different colors since the last color scheme didn’t work out.


There are a ton of reworks in between with minor changes till I eventually re-do everything in a final rework, rework 7.

Rework 06: I introduced the compass feature in this version which works a lot better with the app. It guides the user to the truck they want, regardless of if the truck is on the move or not.




Project 02: ITC Bookman Specimen



My type specimen book on Kepler Std definitely was not one of my favorite projects. I had a hard time with it because I kept trying to be structured. The original lacks originality and spontaneity (something I really wanted my type specimen to have but clearly lacked). It focuses on the types of succulents there are and has a decent ABC layout.

For the updated version of the book, I wanted it to REALLY show the beauty of a typeface vs the succulent form. I also wanted to bring in different paper mediums for this project and vellum seemed really appropriate. While I did have sketches for this project, a lot of it was just working out the details in the program. I had to match pages with the previous page in order to make sure the transparency of the vellum worked.

Looking at it now, there are a lot of things I wish I had time to add (little features and such) from my sketches, that would have worked really well with the vellum.

Set of spreads from first trial & error:


Second round of added spreads (trial & error):

Third Round (new typeface)


There are more pages based on previous spreads throughout the book.