Project 07: Sector Four

Sector Four is a fake book telling the story of a cyborg who escapes the big city. I designed the book cover for it in Graphic Design I and has always been one of my favorite projects. I used references from propaganda posters and art deco to create the original book cover:


I think the cover went through about 5 different versions before I finally told myself to STOP changing it. It went through an entire art deco phase as well (gold foil and everything). The first comp below of the woman was going to be a cut-out version of the cover. It did not work and look appropriate though.


The project took a darker turn for the final because I felt it needed that. Originally, I loved the use of main colors to draw attention but I thought it could probably turn in a new direction that portrayed the tone of the story. I brought in art deco by looking at art deco architecture from houses to skyscrapers and used it to create balance between the background and the foreground. I worried too much about the middle-ground and type at first, so I grabbed it by the horns, threw out a middle-ground and simplified the type to not battle the imagery.


Author: gharihar

Currently a student enrolled at Montclair State.

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