Project 05: PCU

Originally, PCU was an information app on how to build a PC. It walks the user through the pieces of each part of a computer. It went through several different concept designs: Website, VR, & application. However, the website was too large scale as a rework (it would have been a rework of





VR Version: The VR version was canned after critique for not making much sense being VR and being too wordy. The concept was supposed to be a simple, cool learning experience in VR for building a computer, not something someone follows intensively. It was made for Google Cardboard, nothing intensive (I’m actually really sad I canned this). While I know it was wordy, there were things I could have expanded on had I not canned it. I made it in Unity using Google Cardboard dynamics with the concepts drawn up in Photoshop. Here are the concepts from PS (the Unity version looks almost identical, save a few stroke lines that I needed to work out). I don’t have a MAC laptop needed to export to my iphone. I think if I had continued this and fixed the wordiness, etc, it would have came out really well but I was too unsure at that point to continue.

I had to pull out all stops from my interactive coding class as well as learn Unity to create this. The icons and background move slowly/rotate, while the reticle reacts to the viewers gaze (as the screen says).

Final Screens:

I pulled the concept/visuals from the VR app and brought the piece back to being a learning application. I don’t think this project was as successful as I was hoping but it worked out.



Author: gharihar

Currently a student enrolled at Montclair State.

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