Project 04: DonutFest Poster Series and UNUSED Based App

DonutFest, originally one poster, was made for Brooklyn’s DonutFest. I originally had a lot of progress for this but didn’t finish the app based project purposefully. The app that stemmed from donut fest was a campus eatery application, allowing college kids to meet up with one another to grab food. It was for new students. It sounds like two different projects, but this is where I wanted to go with DonutFest, instead of it just being a set of posters for a summer food event (which is what it ended up being).





The app concepts (UNUSED):


I stopped doing the app when I realized there are already campus-based apps like it. Here are the wireframes for it. The name of the app was still TBD.

These aren’t design wireframes. As wireframes, all they do is say where each screen goes.



Author: gharihar

Currently a student enrolled at Montclair State.

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