Project 03: Eat Street

Eat Street went through a TON of revisions, aesthetically and functionality-wise. It went through several names as well before settling on Eat St., then Eat Street (because having a ‘.’ in an app name does not work and the shorthand ‘st’ looks strange).

To see my basis work for the app, see my web design posts.


New sketches for the app:


Rework 01:

In this re-work, I focused on ease of functionality. I added features that made the app easier and were more appealing to the eye. I made sure that the user could sort things easily and effectively, just like in Yelp, Open Table, and Zomato. I also did not want the features to come across as too much so I narrowed everything down. In our critique, however, I think people got overwhelmed by how many screens there were, which was really frustrating. The screens I showed were pulldowns and menus from an existing screen (the search screen). I should have displayed it in a video to appear less overwhelming. In lieu of the situation, I got rid of some of the search functionality (which I will probably bring back later on because I regret taking them out). Below, I also featured working with different color possibilities for the search function.

Not all of the screens are reworked here, just the search function and nearby.


Rework 02:

Working with different colors since the last color scheme didn’t work out.


There are a ton of reworks in between with minor changes till I eventually re-do everything in a final rework, rework 7.

Rework 06: I introduced the compass feature in this version which works a lot better with the app. It guides the user to the truck they want, regardless of if the truck is on the move or not.





Author: gharihar

Currently a student enrolled at Montclair State.

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