Project 01: Ward Bennett @ the Cooper Hewitt

Previous (Size: B: 8.5″x11″ P: 11″x17″)

Update & Extension (B: 7″x9.75″)



For my Ward Bennett project, I wanted to push the museum opening by including a wide array of promotional materials. Initially, there was just a trifold brochure and a poster, both of which are almost swiss style and very minimal (like Ward Bennett) in nature. Creating something handheld that didn’t take up much space seemed to match Bennett more than creating flashy promotional ads. Creating the set was a journey.

To refresh my memory on Bennett’s work, I read a few articles and watched an interview with the man himself, who passed away a few years ago.

The sketches above are plotting out the materials and figuring out how I want this to work. It also came at a time where I was contemplating if I could go away from the original brochure without it being too different.


Almost every image used in this project is from either Geiger or Herman Miller, which allow for noncommercial use. The photography featured in the catalog is from Pinup Magazine, and also of a family friend’s apartment, Reva Ostrow (this is how I learned of Ward’s work). The process work above shows the beginning layouts for the shorthand catalog for the exhibit. The first comp (bottom left) had no elements bringing it back to the brochure or poster and had a line that didn’t really work anywhere. It slowly evolved into the the top left. I also had to resize the brochure from 8.5″x11″ to something smaller (7×3.25″ when folded).

In these comps, you can see the subtle differences from the final. Left align vs right align, an opposing angle title and problems with kerning. Also, the image on the sleeve was difficult to handle. It was a large image but the image quality was iffy sometimes. I REALLY liked this image out of all of Ward’s images and thought it was perfect for the sleeve so I worked around it and resized to a smaller size so that the quality was maintained.

I had to redo captions from the Brochure and poster to match captions in the catalog, sleeve, etc. The ticket, in the style of Cooper Hewitt’s tickets, features Ward Bennett’s first apartment, The Dakota Room.

Top Left: First concept planning of the brochure placement.

Top Right: First set of comps to change. Wrong alignments, wrong angles.





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