03/25 Branding Materials

This week’s main task is still the white paper. However, per my learning agreement, I really wanted to take a crack at rebranding Crenshaw to an extent. Dorothy does not want to change the logo and likes having the logo on everything. I tried to come up with creative solutions by using the logo and introducing it in a different way (ie outlines, color blocks, etc). The ‘CC’ mark is essentially two squares that can work with modern design.

As for PowerPoint slides, Crenshaw has A LOT of case studies from previous clients. I converted almost all of their old case studies (around 30-40) into more current slides that work in their new PowerPoint. I created something that is easy for anyone in the agency to edit. 

I made around 200-300 slides in total. Here are a few screenshots of layout and development of case studies.

I also started updating business cards to reflect social media.

Here is the OLD business card. When printed, the pattern comes out very 1970s, which is not the vibe Crenshaw aims for when approaching new clients. I don’t mind the front. I think it’s well laid out but they want me to change it as well.

Newer versions: Some of the directors wanted much simpler cards and more minimal. I feel as though the blue in Crenshaw’s logo comes across as very corporate which is difficult to deal with because they don’t want to be corporate; they want to be chic and able to help tech startups.



Author: gharihar

Currently a student enrolled at Montclair State.

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