Project 06: Research & Comps

I know the prompt says we can use images in this project, but I really want to focus on organizing type in a clear way that makes sense. I thought Carl excerpt is really interesting; it’s about typography acting as molecules, coming together to make something, which I believe is very accurate!

In order to jump into some type organization, I looked into Michael Beirut. I know his work from the LIGHT YEARS poster but looked into his Yale series as well as other posters/designs/typefaces he created.

The Yale series also led me to another designer, Jessica Svendsen. I thought her take on the Yale series was even more intriguing. She brought distorting type into the picture and manipulating it in a way that makes sense in the context.


As well as various posters on Pinterest:


I also researched into molecular science and the drawings behind them. I was never one for science, except for Physics, chemistry and biology really allude me. Learning about this stuff now that I’m older is a little easier to comprehend and way more interesting. I looked into the basics of molecular structure and how they come together to make compounds like H2O and others.

I did some initial sketches before jumping into comps.


My initial sketches started with me splitting letters in half. I wanted to show how two forms can make the same thing. My idea was to split the letters and have their other half show up elsewhere, either in lowercase or CAPS depending on how the letters combined. I wanted to use capitals contrasting with lowercase at first because I thought it helped show how different letters can be, yet still be the same.

Instead, my comps slowly evolved into something else.


The floating a went somewhere! It brought me to a revelation that I could still have the bottom half of the a show up. The excerpt itself is about coming together to form new things, but still be the same.I was speaking with Professor Luttropp about my predicament on how to treat the body copy. He told me about in the 90s, how some designers would align body copy next to each other, right next to each other, and slightly shift the paragraph.


Author: gharihar

Currently a student enrolled at Montclair State.

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