Project 03: I really %#@*! (Process & Research)

For my project, I went with my frustration of mansplaining, it wasn’t the highest rated topic, but it was in the top 3. See pictures from class, below!

My initial research started by looking up weird inventions:

30 Weird & Awesome Inventions

41 Wierd Historical Inventions

Weirdest Inventions from around the World

Weird and Awesome Inventions that Didn’t take off

50 Weird And Awesome Inventions From The Consumer Golden Age

The 23 craziest Japanese inventions you never knew existed. #16 is totally hilarious!

25 Completely Absurd Inventions You’ll Only Use Once

For this project, I really wanted to try my hand at using a 3D program, as I’d like to learn it for the future. I am extremely interested in involving CGI into design work, as it a really big interest of mine. I love the way CGI has integrated itself into visual communication design.

The airhorn idea came from obnoxiousness. I tried to think of obnoxious items that can rival that of a mansplainer and found a megaphone and airhorn in one is not only hilarious, but really, really obnoxious.

I started my research for an airhorn, by first researching the dynamics and how they work. This included looking at patent illustrations, airhorns themselves, etc.

Break In Case of Emergency Section

I became enthralled with the idea of ‘Break in Case of Emergency’ and somehow incorporating that into my design. My first few renders in C4D were of the airhorn and a box type-thing I wanted to create for it. Initially, I thought the type being able to come outward was a cool feature that we could have 3D printed but now, I regret this decision. At the time, I wasn’t sure of the name but I knew the dynamics of an airhorn from research and how the vibrations worked. I devised a plan to map out an airhorn and a megaphone in one.

While I don’t think this is the prettiest mockup, it did teach me a lot about the basics of Cinema 4D.


I think one of the hard arts of this project was dealing with work that didn’t look great while actually doing it. It’s not until rendering do you see what work is actually like. The best example I can give is itv 2’s awesome short videos, the first video being the outcome. The second being the work phase.


C4D Research

Nike Airmax (behance)




Product Rendering




After speaking Professor Inciong, I found that the Break in case of emergency was too tame. I decided to run with the idea of obscenity and demonstrate something I’ve never really done before. Creating a project surrounded by phallic symbols was really weird and now, looking at the final, makes me feel even stranger but I enjoy it to some extent. I think there are places it could go further in.

Here are renders I created for the comp:


Not the prettiest, but I think in the future, this project can be worked on and made better.


Author: gharihar

Currently a student enrolled at Montclair State.

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