My Collection (11/20/16)

I actually fell into a bit of a slump after my cutouts. I had a hard time putting the notes in, in a way that seemed fun for the viewer. I wanted them to come across as sort of sketchbooky, but also did not seem that way at all. It was really difficult and attempted to several times but nothing worked. I also tried illustrating parts of it and they didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the book, or I would have had to cut out characters for many pages, not really being sure if they would fit or not. The cutting takes a long time so I wanted to be sure if I were to cut anything that needed multiple pages.

I opted for sketching more until I came across something I thought would work. I got really overwhelmed by how many pages of notebooks there were and did not know how to manage so many.

After looking on the internet for things that could inspire me, I found Print Magazine’s winners from the regional design annual. I came across this:

I thought this was an amazing idea and just what i needed to lessen the amount of pages within my book… by placing multiple pages on one page in a way that’s hidden. What I quickly figured out is, this is incredibly difficult.

I did research into how pull tabs work and when and where they stop, how they’re done and different types of pull tabs. The book pretty much had to account for a lot of open space to let other pages hide. I wish I had figured this out earlier because with more time, I think creating a full pull-tab book would have been possible and I would not have made it so small.

I tested the pages out several times using scrap paper, but the tabs were still difficult to manage. I had to account for 1/8 of an inch for tabs (which, at first, i wanted to do a four panel pull tab) both going in and exiting so the pages wouldn’t snag.

I worked out some of the tabs in my sketches from above however, sketching and doing are completely different things.


Author: gharihar

Currently a student enrolled at Montclair State.

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