My Collection (11/02/16)

I ended up doing a lot of work this night. I created a typeface for the titles of this book, based on my own handwriting. I thought if I created it by hand, it would be more relatable to the notebooks. So my first area of attack was to tackle the typeface before I tackled the actual paper cutting techniques.

The pictures below showcase my process for the actual cutting out of images. After writing out a majority of the letters, I scanned the images into my flash drive. I then converted the files into illustrator vector files, but I made the huge mistake of diagonal line shading. It made it hard to convert the letters to crisp vectors. I figured I would be cutting out the letters anyway, and the cut lines would be more crisp, so I did not worry too much about the jaggedness of the type vectors.

To create the type on the drawing, I would print the type to scale and tape it over my piece and then cut. It allowed me to place the type in relatively the same place in all the cut paper pieces.


Here are more photos of the paper cutting process.

The green and yellow guy was one of the first comps I did where I did not enjoy it at all. It looked hilarious but I just did not like how the colors and paper interacted with one another. I scrapped it (as you can see his head in the last picture), but I tried again with different paper combinations. I think the second attempt of him was better and allowed me to do more at a higher quality.


Author: gharihar

Currently a student enrolled at Montclair State.

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