09/23/16 This, I Believe (WK01,02)

For my “I Believe” Project, I made a list of ideas that I firmly believe in. They go from crazy silly to very personal and sincere thoughts. I chose one of my more wacky beliefs, the idea that aliens exist. Initially, I was just interested in the topic of aliens. I have no real background in anything scientific (unless you count several seasons of Doctor Who and Star Trek “scientific”). I do have an affinity for science-fiction and an unyielding want to see the future and experience the unknown.

Unfortunately, my ‘want’ may or may not happen in my lifetime and I’m stuck here on Earth in the meanwhile. My concept started as a general belief in Aliens and slowly progressed as I collected more and more research and also took into consideration recommendations from class.

My research started off exploring the “unknown”. The huge expanse of space that humankind has no idea about other than photographs. Surprisingly, there is a lot to know about the chemical makeup of planets but that is about it. I came across countless theories, including math formulas that I still have no idea what they mean but tried to make sense of the numbers. It all summed up to one major idea: the universe is HUGE and possibly never-ending.

Neil deGrasse Tyson wrote: “There are more stars in the universe than in grains of sand on the beach, more stars than seconds have passed since Earth formed, more stars than words and sounds ever uttered by all humans who ever lived.” This quote really spoke to how insanely huge our universe is. There are billions of planets, trillions of stars, and who knows what else lives in the unknown of deep space.



Initial Research

Monton, B. (2004). Life is Evidence for an Infinite Universe.

Wetterich, C. (2014). Eternal Universe.

deGrasse Tyson, N. (2007). The Cosmic Perspective. Natural History, 116(3), 22.

One Universe at Home in the Cosmos


Project Research (Ideas others have done)

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Author: gharihar

Currently a student enrolled at Montclair State.

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