Get Local: Final Versions

For the mobile mockups, it was a little difficult adjusting. I had to readjust information on the web mockups in order for the mobile versions to make sense. Looking at it now, I do think I made a slight error on the services page. However, all of the information for each page, whatever needed to go first went on the left side.

I also readjusted the colors so the site did not look old and rustic. This looks more clean-cut and ready to load each site. I cut off the patterns from a lot of the sites; enabling the content to load faster and also look less busy.

I brought out the navigation bar by adding a deeper accent behind it. It needed to stand out more however, the pattern wasn’t doing it. I think now, changing the color even further would help with that but I think the purple helps also.

Overall, I think putting the information and clear readable forms was my main objective for this project. And also how it translates over to the web versions.


Mobile Wireframes:


Web Wireframes:


Mobile Mockups:



Web Mockups:







Author: gharihar

Currently a student enrolled at Montclair State.

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