Get Local – Moodboard + Research

For our get local project, I have two options I’d like to pursue for the project. The first option, Haworth Apothecary.

The Haworth Apothecary is a small-time pharmacy plus gift shop. They provide supplements, prescriptions, as well as miscellaneous gift items. The gift items range from women’s clothing to children’s clothing, local-based (designer-wise) jewelry, and standard gift shop items (picture frames, utensils, etc). They are very community based and partake in many local health events. For the gift shop, their target audience seem to be the older generation, especially older women in their late 40s or above.

The Haworth Apothecary site isn’t great. Most of the link do not work and the layout doesn’t speak for the business. They are an adorable store and very friendly. While the current site tries to aim for that using warm tones, it isn’t well executed.

Below are a few sites I found that could be relevant to HA:

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And my first round of Mood Board:


My second option is R&C Apparel in NYC. They are a small company known for their garment manufacturing services. They manufacture anything from women’s fashion to linens, bags, and accessories. Their target audiences range from young designers to high end. A very hands-on, busy company.





Author: gharihar

Currently a student enrolled at Montclair State.

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