Application: Process Work

Below is my brainstorming session for the project. Initially, I wanted to make icons for the app, however, as time progressed I scrapped this idea (sort of). The CPU icon is used in my actual application as a menu option in the part selection.

For the Logo, I really want to head in a heavy yet modern typeface. I think my current typeface is a little blocky but captures the start of the essence of my brand. I want to use solid colors; I’m not so sure of the red I used below but I do want to use the grey. I think the red is too harsh and too in-your-face. It doesn’t offer a softer approach to a beginner builder.

To capture cleanliness, I used clean lines in the icons.


I really did not like this design at all. Instead, I started working on something cleaner and more tech-savvy. I think these are more of brainstorming ideas rather than actual layouts and icons for my application.

After exploring several typefaces off the Mac Lab, I think I’ll be using variations of Open Sans. It is a very clean typeface but not as abrupt as Avenir or an 8-bit typeface.


Playing around with the app some more. Here are a few more logo ideas but I don’t think the hand icon is turning out the way I would have liked. I created this logo a few days ago but it isn’t panning out well.



Author: gharihar

Currently a student enrolled at Montclair State.

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