LastFM Final Version

Following the grid from the homepage, I made the mockups for our Music Page and our newly-added weather page.

The two sub-layouts, were made following the grid structure. The weather page features new functions, allowing the user to interact with the same map from the homepage, as well as generation playlists based on an entered location.

For the homepage, we changed around a lot of things. I added in a well-organized play bar based on Pandora’s features. The bar is clean and used iconography similar from the weather lists. Also displays the artist clearly and cleanly. The background gradient is there to pull away from the depths of black.

Our content is organized into circles, much like our moodboard, to bring out the traits of lastFM. And lastly, our imagery is updated as such.




Updated Wireframes:

My updated wireframes. We shrank a lot of type from our previous design and also added annotations where they were needed. I tried to label the annotations on the left hand side and keep blurbs on the wf itself.

They are based off our sitemap, created by Alex.



Author: gharihar

Currently a student enrolled at Montclair State.

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