Wireframes & Updated Homepage


For the wireframes, Paul created a starter template for us. As I was laying out the wireframes, I found that the template point size to be way too large but I kept it for continuity for now, definitely changing for the future wireframe though. Also, the logo is too large and the measurements for boxes are strange. Some things to fix for next round!

For my updated homepage, I first looked into ideas on how to use the circles from our mood board.

Circular Elements in Web Design

40 Circular Elements in Web Design

Both of these websites helped my brainstorming. I started sketching out different types of circles and discussed with my group everything we need to include on the page. Some of the elements are still missing because there’s not enough room.

Updated HOmepage

I do like the grid structure Last.FM has going on and some of their already existing graphics are really nice, so I wanted to keep those. I scaled back the spiking artists, however.


Author: gharihar

Currently a student enrolled at Montclair State.

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