Week 1 Assignments

For this assignment, I created Rain and a bucket, of sorts, to catch the rain.

For the rain, I used processing.flosscience.com/processing-for-android/macul-2012/make-an-object-move . Because it was still early in the course, I didn’t understand the second part of the code and just used what I understood. I created a rectangle that would add pixel increments to give the appearance of dropping rain. The increments determine the speed at which the rain falls. I used ‘if’ statements to create the rain after declaring several rain variables.

For the bucket, I created a layer behind the rain and a layer on top of the rain. It gives the appearance that the rain is going into the bucket.

Make Me Move from Gloria Harihar on Vimeo.

The second assignment is to recreate one of Mondrian’s work at half the size of the original image.

For this assignment, I made the background white. I then drew in the color rectangles with a strokeWeight(8).

After finding the right dimensions and placement for the rectangles, I created the black likes with a heavy stroke.

02 Mondrian03.jpg


Author: gharihar

Currently a student enrolled at Montclair State.

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